You. Making More Of What You Love.

You Making More Free Course

Let me guess… you’d love to make and craft more, but there’s just never time. Even when you can find some time, you’ve got so little head space that you can’t make any progress. You’d love the satisfaction of making things, rather than just dreaming about your ideas but you don’t know where to start.

I know – because I’ve been there!

That’s why I’d love the chance to walk you step by step through the process I’ve used to build up my own creative skills, make progress on the projects I love and make creativity part of my everyday. It’s completely free too.

Here’s an Introduction…

So How About You Give Me Ten Minutes?

Because I’ve broken down my top five bits of advice around this whole area and turned them into five short videos, less than a couple of minutes each, one for you to watch each day for five days. They’re short and to the point, with actionable steps to take so that you can stop dreaming and actually make some progress with your knitting, woodwork, painting or whatever else it is you want to do. Stop thinking about what you’d like to do or putting something less important and boring (ironing, anyone?) at the top of the priority list and get going!

Here’s What You Can Expect To Find Out

  1. How I make the time to move forward on projects, even with young kids and a lot of interruptions.
  2. Where I find the best project ideas and how to pick a good one.
  3. My favourite places to easily find materials
  4. How I set myself up for success and make the project easy to finish
  5. Some encouragement to get started – and keep going!

This Is For You If….

  1. You struggle with a lot of interruptions or can’t find the head space to think straight
  2. You’d like to make more but you don’t know where to start
  3. You always have a project on the go but don’t finish anything
  4. You are short of time and can’t faff about reading long pages of text
  5. You read email!

I think making things, whether that’s with words, ideas, cloth, metal or anything else is the stuff that makes life rich and I’d love to see you add what you’ve got to make the world a little bit brighter. So many new pursuits and even businesses have got started this way and there’s no reason why you can’t be next.

Sound good? Just sign up here and we’ll get started!


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