Your Workspace Is Hiding Your Next Great Craft Project

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Your workspace is hiding your next great craft project. You just need to know where to look.

Go To The Stash

When I’m overwhelmed with ideas and I don’t know where to start, I go to my workspace and find my stash. It’s a stash of fabrics, collected over many years, from many places, some stuffed, some folded neatly into a big, wicker box that was once a Christmas hamper.

In a corner of my workspace there’s a chest of drawers, full of buttons and trims. There are scissors, embroidery threads and reels of cotton, bits of elastic, safety pins and ribbon.

Sometimes the stash gets out of hand and there has to be a cull, an anxious job that always takes too long. Mostly though, it sits waiting. It hides the promise of a wonderful object that’s longing to be made – a security blanket of pattern, colour and cloth that I guard like a bull terrier.

What’s Waiting in The Stash

There were lots of times when the kids got too much and no one had had enough sleep. It was far too long since there’d been anything creative going on, and I felt wrong on the inside. Since there was no opportunity to get into a creative flow, or nancy about with mood boards, I went to the stash and pleaded for help.

The stash always answered and here’s why.

Concealed beneath those fabric layers, when no one was watching, an inspiration fairy clambered in. There she waits coquettishly for a playmate. Inspiration lies within your stash.

When you don’t know where to start (and starting can be so very hard), look to your materials. Is there a piece of wood in your stash that’s crying out to become a characterful shelf? Perhaps there’s a collection of jumbled thoughts somewhere that want to be a poem? Is there a cable in your stash box (my husband) that is the perfect guy to solve the home network problems that are keeping you awake at night? I’ll bet there is.

And if you don’t have a stash then why don’t you start one? I know lovers of pattern and paper who obsessively collect insides of envelopes and a man who hoards bits of leftover wood collected from some odd locations for the next time he needs somewhere to retreat to.

Call me crazy but the answer to making something completely extraordinary almost certainly starts in the stash.

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