Sewing Makes for Kids on Pinterest

Sewing projects for kids on Pinterest

Pinterest sewing makes for kids

When my babies were really small and I was desperate to sew and just couldn’t find a spare moment in between potty training, nappies, puke, play groups and sleeplessness, there were a few blogs that kept the dream alive on my behalf.

These were eye candy, hope and sewing in one gorgeous parcel and since I know you love to make things for your kids too, but may well struggle for the time, I’ve put together some beautiful and easy projects from some of my favourite places on a brand new Pinterest board called ( guess what… ) Sewing Projects for Kids.

Most are full tutorials with patterns, some are links to downloadable pdf patterns on Etsy or on other blogs. I think they’re all beautiful and not too hard either.

You can follow the full Pinterest board here as I keep updating it and I hope it inspires you.

Have a creative old day! x M

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