Sewing Kits, Dolls, Mermaids And The Ideas That Inspired Them

Mermaid Sewing Kit by Gidsy and JoColourful Doll Sewing KitDoll with embroidery by Gidsy and JoI’m looking forward to launching these brand new sewing kits next week in the shop and since sometimes people ask me where my ideas for dolls, mermaids and creatures come from, I wanted to show you more “behind the seams” and tell you how they came to be.

First, our little friend Phoebe. You might know that we are a house of boisterous boys, but at heart I’m a girl’s girl and Phoebe, our best girl from church is too. We’ve known Phoebe all her life, from bump to the little delight she is now and when I originally started working on mermaids, it was because Phoebe loved anything to do with the sea. Underwater adventures, Octonauts – and especially mermaids! The little people, with their funny imaginations, their made-up stories and their simple obsessions were, and will always be, the original force that drives the creativity behind Gidsy and Jo.

The other source of inspiration is also friends, though these are friends that I have never met in person. Starting a business is the most exciting thing, but fraught with roller coaster rides, new experiences and unknowns. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled on so many encouragements on the internet – Jeff Goins, Paul Jarvis and the team at Fizzle to name a few. Each of these four new kits is named after my Stateside friends – women who have a passion to start their own thing, who met with me for months and months across different time zones every Friday night over Skype to discuss one another’s businesses and try to counsel, challenge and make suggestions to one another. Lindsay, Marianne, Rebecca and Paula each have a kit named after them and are friends who helped me to find out what I really wanted to make – and do it.

I’m inspired by the world around me, especially nature as well as classic fantasy stories and colourful patterns, but for me people will always be the important thing.

If you’d love to make a doll or mermaid, learn basic embroidery stitches by getting a kit with a gorgeous pre printed pattern inside, full make instructions, needle and DMC embroidery threads, then just sign up to my mailing list to be the first to hear about the launch and get your discount code.

sewing kit to make a mermaid toy


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