Rainbow and Hare Beginner Embroidery Pattern

Easter embroidery projectrabbit beginner embroiderybeginner embroidery projectSo, earlier in the week, our ace graphic-designer friends at The Jam Tart mentioned that Monday was National Find a Rainbow Day. That was all the excuse I needed to make an embroidery pattern with a rainbow and Spring hare – so here it is.

This pattern features three very easy stitches – satin stitch, back stitch and french knots, so it’s perfect for beginners. I’ve made some drawings below for you to follow or watch the satin stitch video or back stitch video for a quick demo (and shake your head disapprovingly at the poor state of my nails).

Ok, here we go –


I used these thread colours but you can get creative with the colours you choose. Ain’t no rules on colour or pattern round here – personally speaking, the clashier it is, the more I like it!


  1. Split your embroidery thread down to three strands every time you cut a length. It makes your thread go further and gives you a finer, more beautiful finish. I may have mentioned this before… ; )
  2. The easiest way to transfer your pattern onto your fabric is to print the pattern out and tape it to a window using some lovely washi tape. Then tape your fabric over the top with the design positioned in the middle, and use an air erasable pen to trace the pattern onto the fabric. Just make sure you finish your stitching before the pen fades away!

Last of all, here are two stitch guides – the first one to show you those stitches again, and the second to show you which stitch to do where!

embroidery stitch guide by Gidsy and JoStitch guide embroidery patternOk! I think we’re done here. Are you going to make it? I hope you will! And if you do, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram #gidsyandjogang. I love to see what you make!

rainbow and hare beginner embroidery

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