Once Upon a Merry Christmas Story


Once upon a sunny time, in a little village in the middle of rural England, was a mummy whose head was full of magical unicorns, handsome horses and glamorous mermaids. These creatures had come to live in her head as the mummy spent her days with her two young boys and their friends, whose heads were also full of funny words and fantastical adventures.

On the days when the washing up and the cooking got too much, the mummy would retreat to a little room in the upstairs of her house, and there, amongst piles of ribbon and patterned fabric, her sewing machine would whirr away, bringing her imaginary creatures to life.


At some times, the house was cold and draughty and the rain leaked in. On other days, the mummy was so tired she could find no time for her creations, and felt sorry and frustrated. Her boys began to grow and have new adventures without her. She sensed that times were changing.

By and by, the mummy heard news that some grand merchants were coming to town to seek out fresh delights for their online shop. She desired greatly that her funny creations might be a part of it. So, with her very best unicorns and mermaids in tow, a well prepared speech and a large dose of courage, the mummy pitched up to the grand merchants door – and was rewarded with her very own shop front. She could not believe her fortune and danced all the way home.


Soon enough, lovely folks from all over the land began to ask the mummy to send them the instructions to make their own creations, just as she had done. It seemed that they too wanted to share the joy of sewing for themselves and enter into this world of make-believe play. Every time that someone asked the mummy to send them something, her heart danced with joy at this chance to share her creativity with the world.


This was the year that was called 2016. And now, all that remains to say to all the ones who bought, believed in, talked through, learnt to sew and make the mummy’s creations for themselves is a heart-felt thank you – and a very Merry Christmas!

Many exciting things lie in wait for 2017… but that’s a story for another time.



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