Mothers Day Embroidery Project and Free Pattern

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Mothers Day botanical embroidery

Hey, definitely don’t forget! It’s Mothers Day on Sunday March 26th and it’s a special day for our family as our first boy was actually born on Mothers Day 2010. What better gift could I have asked for?!

Still, if you don’t want to go to the lengths of actually having a baby for Mothers Day, then I’ve made a free embroidery pattern for you to download and stitch as a special handmade thank you to the wonder woman that is your mum. It was inspired by the current trend for all things botanical as well as my own mum, who is an amazing gardener, and the most inspiring person I know.


This design features backstitch for the text and satin stitch for the leaves. I used these thread colours

  • DMC Threads #3813 pale green
  • DMC Threads #501 dark green
  • DMC Threads #3712 pink
  • pattern (you can download it here)
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery hoop 8″
  • a square of close woven fabric (cotton or linen are perfect) to fit the hoop.Mothers Day embroidery pattern


  1. The first thing to say is that I painted a square onto my cloth before embroidering to add a little more colour. I am totally obsessed with this peach pink colour and mixed it up using textile paint. I then masked off a square of approx 12 cm x 12 cm (4.5″ x 4.5″) and just used a brush to apply the paint. Make sure it’s totally dry before you peel back the masking tape so the paint doesn’t bleed anywhere. (I used a hairdryer to dry mine faster as I couldn’t wait to get to the stitching!)
  2. Print out the pattern and (unless you’re fancy and have a light box), tape it to a window with your fabric placed over the top. For this pattern I actually traced over it with a sharp, hard pencil because I didn’t think I was going to get it finished in one sitting (I was right..) and thought the air erasable pen would probably fade before it got done.
  3. Before starting, make sure you split your thread. DMC threads are six-stranded but I always split mine down to three to get a finer effect and to make the thread go further. This is super important for when you back stitch the text part as the thread will be much too chunky otherwise.
  4. Start with your leaves. See below I’ve drawn a picture for you of how I divided up the larger leaves because if you make your satin stitches too long they just go all loose and baggy. So with a big area you are going to satin stitch, divide it up into smaller ones and you’ll get a much neater effect. embroidery guide

5. For the fern shapes, I filled in the stem with lines of back stitch in the darker green then satin stitched each leaf. Like before, I started with the longest stitch in the middle then worked out on each side.

If you want to then you can buy this hoop in the shop and if you feel inspired by this project and know someone else who would like it, then please share it. As ever, any questions or any designs you’d like to see then I’m here – just send me an email or leave a comment below.

Let me know how you get on – and let’s make sure the mamas feel our gratitude on Sunday 26th. I’m definitely grateful for all the inspiring, resourceful, brave and generous mums I get to talk to every day!

Mothers Day embroidery by Gidsy and Jo

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