Inside the Gidsy & Jo studio

studio3One of things I love the very most to see is inside other people’s making spaces and see how they work. In fact I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to just this! Getting my own space in our house was quite a long time coming and I used to drift off to sleep dreaming of it each night. Once the boys got big enough and were happy to share a room, I took over what used to be our nursery and now this is my favourite space in our house. Here’s a sneak peek at what goes on… Enjoy!

studio21. The first thing I did in this room was ask a carpenter friend of mine to install a length of mdf along the full side of one wall. At college we had huge tables of space to draw on and spread fabric out on and I was trying to recreate this in the much smaller space I had. I painted the desk white so I would truly be able to see all the colours of the fabrics I work with. I’ve also got two chairs – one in the space where my laptop is and one where I can always keep the sewing machine. This way, I can jump up and work on email or sewing as the mood takes without having to stop and pack everything up. Don’t look too closely under the desk where a jumble of papers to be shredded, fabric rolls and storage boxes are all jostling for space…. but hey, that’s reality!

studio1studio72. I like to be surrounded by colourful things that are inspiring. I have Diana, the doll my sister and I loved to play with when we were little girls and was lucky to get some great books on print and collage over Christmas. I keep it all close at hand, as well as a stash of old magazines to rip up and make mood boards with or put into scrapbooks for future reference.



3. All the thread, needles, chalk, bobbins, interfacing and pretty much anything else I use is stored in an old toolbox. I am such a sucker for collecting little tins and jars and stash away scraps of fabric, beads and buttons which might be needed on any upcoming sewing project.

studio64. This is my little sanctuary on the other side of the room. It’s the chair that I used to nurse the babies in and now it’s my Bible reading spot in the early morning. The quilt is our ‘poorly blanket’ – the thing that the boys snuggle up in when they’re feeling ill but it’s actually disintegrating it’s so old! I will repair it. I will! There is one other corner of the room where Mr. M keeps a small desk and a load of messy paper and cables – there was no way that was getting in my photos!

studio55. Ok, so this is where the photo shoot got hijacked! That happens quite a lot… But the beauty of having two chairs at the desk is that there’s always space for someone to come along and do a little jigsaw puzzle alongside me. I feel so blessed to have this space. I prayed for it for a long, long while and am grateful about it every day.

How about you? Where do you like to work and what inspires your creative space?

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