Ice Cream Embroidery Pattern for Summer

ice cream embroidery patternThis ice cream embroidery pattern is the perfect take-anywhere craft project, whether you’re spending Summer at the beach, hanging out in your garden with the kids or (if you’re British) lamenting the rain.

What you need

ice cream embroidery pattern

I’ve used a combination of back stitch, satin stitch and whip stitch on my embroidery, but you could easily work the whole thing in back stitch. I am definitely going to try and make you a little video on whip stitch in the next few days… but don’t hold me to that… School holidays are basically here and 8 weeks of den building, garden games and going to the Welsh coast beckons!

ice cream embroidery patternsatin stitch If you want to make it just like I did, then you can use the photo below to refer to. I’d love to see what you make so please share on Instagram with the tag #gidsyandjogang and I’ll find you.


If we don’t catch up before – have an amazing Summer!
ice cream embroidery design


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