Free Embroidery Pattern for January – Winter Arctic Fox

Free Embroidery PatternJanuary embroidery patternJanuary embroidery patternEmbroidery Project by Gidsy and Jo
Happy New Year! I’m kicking off January with a free hand embroidery pattern to download which is a variation on my personalised artic fox print.

Oh, I love, love, love January. I know it can be a dreary old month, but I love the sense of possibility, of freshness, of clean after all the crazy Christmas glitter and indulgence. That’s why you need a great little craft project to snuggle up with on a chilly Winter afternoon, make something you can be proud of and learn some new skills!


  • The pattern – you can download it here.
  • An embroidery hoop – one with an 8″, 10″ or 12″ diameter will work the best. I also like my hoops with the little golden screw on them like the one in my pictures because I find them much easier to use than other kinds and they give you more control over your work. Buy a hoop here from the lovely haberdashery The Village and support an independent business at the same time.
  • Embroidery threads in three colours.  I used pale grey, light blue and a pinky red. You can buy your threads here. 
  • A square of fabric big enough to fit into your frame – see below for some handy tips on fabric.


  • Embroidery threads – my favourite brand is DMC, partly because the threads are total quality, but partly also for the slightly silly reason that the head office is just down the road from where I live (which is in a rural village in the UK so kind of bizarre!) These threads are also safety tested and washable so you can be sure to use them on any kind of project, including something that’s meant for the little ones.
  • Splitting embroidery threads – For the backstitch parts of the pattern (don’t worry, what’s back stitch and satin stitch is shown further down in a mo…), I split the threads down from 6 strands to 3 so the work doesn’t end up too chunky. You can do this by cutting the length you want to sew with, gently splitting the strands at the end into 3 and another 3, then holding one set of the 3 in your teeth as you unravel down the length. I know – so technical!
  • The pattern – you can print the pattern out as is, or when you come to print it, you could choose the scale, up or down as you like. I decided to print mine out at 75% so I could fit the design into an 8″ hoop I had lying around.
  • Fabric choice – it’s totally ok for your fabric to be cheap and cheerful but make sure it’s cotton. Use an old bed sheet or buy an inexpensive polycotton mix in a neutral colour – mine is a polycotton curtain lining fabric I bought from Ebay. You don’t need it to be 100% cotton (though this always feels nicer) but you do need it to be a closely woven fabric and quite fine.

stitch guide for Fox embroidery project


  1. Print out the pattern at the size you like. The easiest way to transfer the pattern onto fabric is to tape your print-out to a bright window. Place your fabric over the top with the design in the middle then trace over it with an air erasable pen. These pens are brilliant because the outline just fades with time – just make sure you get your stitching done before it fades away completely!
  2. Use back stitch for every outline except the scarf and boots. For these, use a satin stitch. If you’d like a tutorial on how to do these stitches, check out my videos here. 

I would love so much to see what you make so please do tag @gidsyandjo on Instagram with the hashtag #gidsyandjogang. Have a wonderful week and happy embroidery!

Artic Fox Embroidery Hoop project

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