Gidsy and Jo Joins The Mamahood


You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” If, like me, you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve struggled with your kids and just wanted to ask someone else what to do, or been so grateful when a friend or neighbour has offered you a break for an hour, then you’ll know just how true this saying is!

I’m finding it’s also true starting a small business. It might be a different kind of baby, but you still can’t raise it all on your own with no help, because there’s a lot to do and you can’t be good or super-knowledgeable about every single bit.

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Enter The Mamahood. Started by Diana Bardega in London, The Mamahood aims to bring creative, like-minded mamas together in their local neighbourhoods to help, support and inspire one another. On The Mamahood blog you’ll find details of crafty events and meet-ups, handy recipes as well as the latest news on all kinds of great new mama brands. I especially love Lala and Pom (big believers like me in the power of the pom pom!), simple and beautiful home accessories by Nellie Bruno and gorgeous clothing and toys by Too Many PJs. 

And now Gidsy and Jo has joined The Mamahood party too and you can follow along on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Take a look because this is a great way to support other mums and independent businesses as well as finding lovely and unique things for your kids. As Diana says, “Motherhood. Neighbourhood. Sisterhood. When mothers support one another, incredible things happen.”


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