Easter Bunny With Personalised Floral Embroidery Design

Easter bunny new baby gift

Easter bunny with hand embroidery

Easter bunny floral embroidery design

Our mate Violet loves bunny rabbits. When she turned five last week I could hardly help myself but  to make her a bunny and personalise it with her name and a little floral hand embroidery and needless to say, it was welcomed with open arms into the cuddly bunny collective.

If you’re looking for an Easter gift for kids or for baby’s first Easter, then I’m very up for making you one too. Here’s the lowdown –

  • It’s totally machine washable so no matter if bunny decides to try baked beans for the first time or do an assault course through the mud, you’re covered.
  • Once the washing’s done, you can just bang it in the tumble dryer.
  • It’s CE tested – which basically means I pushed it, pulled it, set fire to bits of it (!) and made sure everything I used to make it was fine to be sucked on, sat on, hurled around and built to last.
  • It won’t take up a ton of space in prams, bags, pockets or anything else it needs to journey in because it has a cute size of about 6″ (15.5cm)
  • It’s made with heart by real hands. Ok, lots of things are made by real hands, but not everything is made by craftspeople building businesses to support their own and other people’s families, using a unique skill. This was. No expensive air freight, no factory labour, no middleman price hikes. Just me, juggling kids, making tea, building a business and pouring a bit of love and soul into something your kids will adore.
  • It’s ready to gift, wrapped in white tissue in a recycled natural box tied with satin ribbon. I can ship it anywhere you like, on any service you like because sometimes we just need something and we need it in a hurry and we need someone else to do the wrapping for us. Right? : )


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