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When my grandma opened her cupboard and I set eyes on the beautiful blue bear she’d made for me, something happened. I remember staring up and longing to touch him. I called him Gavin. I think I was 3.

Armed with Grandma Evatt’s creative streak I painted, wrote and stitched my way through a degree in Embroidery and followed it up with travels around Japan and Asia. When I finally came home I landed a job at a small business sourcing beautiful women’s shoes for the UK high street. I found a brand new faith in God, the thing that centres me today, and soon after started my own line of canvas bags, imported from a tiny fair trade production centre in Southern India. I met my resident IT genius, experimental cook, best friend and now husband and together we held on to the reigns of a wild learning curve in start-up business.

And then – the boys! With two sons arriving within 18 months of each other, we knew that trips to India were off the agenda for the time being. With a little sadness and a lot of gratitude, we closed the order book for our beautiful bags. In amongst the nappies and sleep deprivation I began instead to express my creativity through blogging, showing how we were surviving it all with cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners and poster paint.

As time has gone on, my boys and their merry band of friends have become the inspiration behind what Gidsy & Jo is all about today. We make soft toys, prints and home accessories to inspire a world of bright imagination, all hand crafted from a tiny home studio in the UK. It’s our plan to celebrate creativity, encourage mums in their awesome task and bring play and laughter to children at home, wherever they are.




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