5 Tips For Creative Mamas (Who Are Ready To Give Up)

5 Tips For Creative Mamas

Motherhood is epic – right? But it can also be a real struggle. A handmade life is joyful – true? And can be crushing when the best laid plans go to waste. With children to run round after and unfinished side projects always just one step out of reach, the creative mamas among us can end up feeling like we’re getting nowhere fast.

I know that feeling so well, but I’m still standing (just about). Here are five things you might focus on to keep giving the world the creativity and the mother’s love we need you to.

About ‘Making It’

There’s alot of fuss about ‘Making It’. But I don’t think making it is what happens on the day your sales finally come rolling in – it’s how you react on the day when nothing is going to plan. That is the furnace that your character is being smelted in. You’re in the process of ‘making it’ every day as you persevere through struggles, take another deep breath and continue. ‘Making It’ doesn’t look like wild profit – it looks like a determined mother with guts of iron who set her face and carried on, even when the world fell down around her.

About Sales

If we’re rating our life success on sales I think we should stop. After all, who sets the bench mark on how many sales are going to be enough to equal success? Instead, think about what you are able to give. How much value can you add? How well will you listen and respond helpfully to the people who need you, be those children, friends or customers? I’m pretty sure that when we really start to add some value and share what we have, the sales are just incidental anyway.

Where Success Isn’t

No matter what motivational speakers would have you believe, success isn’t waiting mysteriously around the corner for you. Success is waiting at the desk of a disciplined person who made an unbreakable appointment with themselves and their work day after day and kept turning up to keep it. I don’t think success a mystery. It’s a combination of hard work, generosity, perseverance… and perhaps a tiny dusting of magic.

Where Your Reward Is

Sometimes I get tempted to look at what everyone else is doing and get a tiny bit jealous, but that’s never a helpful place to be. The reward isn’t the success or sales you get from doing your thing. The reward is the very doing of the thing itself – so revel in it!

Keep Making

For me, making things is the joy that holds all the other parts of life together. Don’t even worry about what you’re making or think about it. Definitely don’t get hung up about it being perfect. Just make something, make anything. Making something not that great is a vital step on the way to making something that is going to be completely brilliant.

I know bringing up your kids is hard some days – it’s the most wonderful and hardest task I’ve ever been blessed with. Don’t let it become a snare to your creativity though…. Let motherhood be the thing that hones and shapes you as you pursue your work, that you may bless your family  and the world around you with it as you go.

In what ways has becoming a mama inspired you to become more creative?

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