Soft doll sewing pattern inspired by English country pursuits

soft doll sewing pattern




This soft doll sewing pattern is a mix of classic English country style and stylish handmade details. Little girls who love horses will love her!

This doll is the next in the series of ‘Dolls Around the World’ being featured on Handmade Charlotte. You can find the complete pattern over there as well as all the instructions to make the doll.

How to make a doll’s hat

soft doll sewing patternOne of my favourite parts about this doll is the little red felt hat. Working in a hat shop was one of my first jobs when I was seventeen! That’s how I learnt to make hats and it’s been such a treat to make a tiny version for this doll. Just hop on over to Handmade Charlotte for all the instructions and to make your very own.


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