Satin Stitch Hand Embroidery Tutorial (with music!)

Depending on how you learn, you might find it tricky to get the hang of embroidery just from looking at diagrams, so I’ve made an embroidery tutorial today to show you satin stitch.

Satin stitch is great for filling in any kind of shape and getting a nice block of colour and it’s not hard to do, just takes a bit longer than some other stitches. I had fun making this video – it has music this time! Any questions, as ever just send me an email or find me lurking around on Instagram @gidsyandjo #gidsyandjogang. Look out for the project in the video – it’ll be available on the blog next week, complete with free pattern download.

If you’d like a ready-made beginner project to use your satin stitch then try my mermaid doll sewing kit or check out the other tutorials to learn some more stitches.


How To Do Hand Embroidery – Satin Stitch from Martha Moger on Vimeo.


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