How to do Hand Embroidery – Detached Chain Stitch

detached chain stitch hand embroidery
On February 21st I’m launching 5 new DIY sewing kits with hand embroidery to make some lovely dollies and hoops. I can’t wait!

Three of the kits feature a decorative stitch called ‘detached chain stitch’ or ‘lazy daisy stitch’ – it’s the one in this photo that looks like two little leaves together, but you can use it to make all kinds of lovely patterns. In case you weren’t sure how it looks or how to do it, I thought I’d make you a quick demo – here’s the tutorial…

How to do Embroidery – Detached Chain Stitch from Martha Moger on Vimeo.

Got questions? You know you can ask me any time : ) And if you know anyone who likes craft or might like to learn a few embroidery stitches, feel free to share this video with them too.

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