Hand Embroidery Stitches For Mermaid And Raccoon Designs

Today’s post is a little sneak peek at two designs that will soon be available to buy as embroidery kits. I’d had the urge to do some work intense in hand embroidery stitches and this is the result.

raccoon and mermaid hand embroidery

The Mermaid Embroidery 

The hand embroidery stitches found in both designs are mix of border and decorative. The mermaid kit features satin stitch and french knots as well as what is basically a running stitch worked in a block. I also added a little chain stitch on her patterned tail and the outline is a simple back stitch.

mermaid hand embroidery design

mermaid hand embroidery stitches


This design would look lovely on a wall just in the embroidery hoop. You could also turn it into a tiny doll by cutting out and stuffing as I did here. Somehow I don’t tire of the mermaid theme. Perhaps it’s something going back to my own childhood….

hand embroidered dollhand embroidered mermaidmermaid hand embroidery


 The Raccoon Embroidery

The raccoon, with his colourful headdress, is my nod to Autumn which is fast approaching. Colours are inspired by the mood board I made for AW17, which is deep turquoises, greys, browns and silky textures versus natural materials. It feels like fox designs were everywhere last year so I wanted to do something else, hence the raccoon.

raccoon hand embroidery



This Autumnal design features my new favourite stitch, Portugese border stitch. It looks hard to do, but it’s really easy and when I release the kits I’ll also have a video for you to show how to do it. Other hand embroidery stitches include satin stitch, cross stitch and back stitch. This design  makes a lovely project to work on and is a great gift as a kit or finished hoop.

raccoon hand embroidery

If you’d like to be the first to hear about these limited edition kits, just sign up to my mailing list in the box below and I’ll make sure that you’re first one to know when they launch.

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