Free Valentines Day Embroidery | Kids Mini Heart Pillow

Valentines day embroideryIf you’d like to show the little ones in your life even more love, this free Valentines day embroidery design makes a mini heart pillow to snuggle up with. The finished pillow measures around 19cm (approx 7.5″) so it’s the perfect size for you – and them – to cuddle.

You will need

  • the template which you can download at the end of this post
  • embroidery threads in 5-6 colours including red and dark brown.
  • a 7″ or 8″ embroidery hoop
  • needle and scissors (of course)
  • about 75g of toy filling (I like this one) Choose a washable one so you always put your heart through the washing machine if you ever need to.
  • an air erasable ink pen

Valentines day embroidery

valentines day embroideryHow to make the Valentines Day embroidery pillow:

  1. Print out the template and tape it to a window. Place one of your squares of fabric over the top and using your air erasable pen, trace over the outline and patterns. Don’t cut it out yet!
  2. Put your fabric into the embroidery hoop and position it so you can see the outlines clearly. Refer to the stitch guide and pattern for stitches – you can download it for free at the end of this post.

3. Once your embroidery is finished, cut out the heart shape. Lay it on top of the other piece of fabric and use it as the template to cut out the second heart shape.

4. Lay the two pieces with right sides together and stitch most of the way around the edge, either with a sewing machine or by hand in backstitch. Make sure you leave a gap of around 5-8cms (or 3 inches) for turning.

Valentines day embroidery pillowsatin stitch triangles5. Turn your heart the right way out through the gap and fill the shape with the toy stuffing.

6. Close the gap with a small hand stitch or machine sew. Now cuddle up!

If you like this project then please share it with other makers. I love to see how your projects turn out so why not post yours on Instagram with the #gidsyandjogang tag and let us show you some Valentines love!

Valentines embroidery project

If you’d like to receive this pattern instantly for free, just click here. 



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