Free Valentines Day Embroidery Design


free Valentines embroidery designThis free Valentines Day embroidery design was dreamt up on a walk with my sister. We were thinking up puns to put on a Valentines Day tea towel and she and my brother-in-law were trying to out-pun one another (very funny). When I came home I sketched a French man and his girlfriend. They never made it to the tea towel, but the girlfriend came to life as this pattern.

free Valentines embroidery pattern

free Valentines Day embroidery design

Embroidery stitches for this design

This free embroidery design is worked in only three stitches. It’s mostly back stitch, sometimes worked in a line and sometimes in a block.  Some of the back stitch lines are whipped in a contrasting thread which makes a lovely texture as well as colour. There’s also some stem stitch and satin stitch and a tiny bit of cross stitch on the Eiffel Tower. In general it’s quite quick to complete and easy to do.

free Valentines embroidery designI used DMC Threads in red 666, brown 838, pale grey 762, peach 543 and a pale pink (maybe 3779…I lost the ticket). The base is a medium weight calico and the pattern will fit an 8″ embroidery hoop. This is the second free Valentines Day embroidery design that I’ve made and if you’re interested in embroidering something for kids you might like to see the other one here.

You can download the pattern below for free.

Download your free Valentines embroidery design here.




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