Free Unicorn Embroidery Pattern For Beginners

I discovered last week that a friend of mine runs a sewing class after school. I had no idea! Since she was after a simple design for her students to try out their new skills, I came up with this unicorn embroidery pattern. Perfect for Year 4 girls to try out their back stitch. Of course , as I’ve said many time before, I’m a big advocate of boys sewing. There just weren’t any in this particular group. Naturally then, I went with a unicorn design.

As always, the pattern is free and you can download it further down this post.

unicorn embroidery patternWHAT YOU NEED

  • 8″ embroidery hoop
  • unicorn embroidery pattern – just scroll down to download it straight away
  • square of cotton of calico approx. 15cm x 15cm. I used a faintly floral piece just to add an extra bit of interest to the finished work.
  • embroidery thread in brown and one other colour (I used pink)
  • embroidery needle
  • small, sharp scissors

unicorn embroidery patternWHAT TO DO

  1. You know the drill by now. First you need to print out the pattern and stick it to a window to trace off. I stick my fabric square with masking tape over the top to stop both from moving around. Then use an air erasable pen or sharp, light pencil to trace the design onto the fabric. This unicorn embroidery pattern is free and you can get it just here


2. Next, cut a length of thread and split it down to three strands. I like to do this because otherwise your work can become quite bulky, as well as it making the thread go further. Thread your needle, tie a knot in one end and off you go with your back stitch.

If you need a back stitch refresher and tutorial, you can find it here.

unicorn embroidery design3. There’s really nothing more to say! Make sure that you keep knotting off your thread at the back as you go along. When you come to the facial features I do them separately. First the eye and knot off at the back. Then the mouth and knot off at the back. That’s because if you do all the features with a continuous thread then sometimes you can see it from behind, running between the features when you look at the front of the work. It can make things a bit of a mess.

I also turned my circle outline around the unicorn into whipstitch just to add an extra bit of colour. If you want to do that too, find out how in my post on basic embroidery stitches. 

Ok! That’s a wrap. Looking forward to seeing your unicorns!

unicorn embroidery hoop

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