Free Soft Doll Patterns From Around The World

free soft doll patterns

It was my privilege back in March to complete the final free soft doll pattern of the set for Handmade Charlotte.

The final soft doll pattern was inspired by Ghana and in particular the colourful ‘kente’ cloth that Ghana is known for. The lady at the front with the striking yellow hat and skirt is the finished result. You can see the whole project here. 

If I’d had to imagine the very perfect project, for the most perfect customer, making this set of dolls would have been it. But that said, the time’s come when embroidery projects, kits and this blog are actually going to take a pause. Here’s why…

Serving the businesses I love

Last September, after having had the fortune to get to know so many other creative business owners, I launched a copywriting service. You can find out all about it at The Stitch Writer. I’m delighted to say that from the very start this service went rather well, allowing me to move to new premises and expand my business within just a few short weeks.

It’s not really a change of direction, I’ve always been a writer, but it is the time to prioritise and do less things well. I’ll never stop making things (you’ll find me pretty much every evening on the sofa when the boys are tucked up knitting, stitching or doing embroidery), but I’m going to stop making kits and finished products to sell so that I can concentrate fully on writing. I want to serve the small businesses I’ve grown to love with the best words and ideas that I can find.

What next for Gidsy and Jo?

This blog won’t go anywhere. It started as an outlet for one very tired mum who was desperate for a bit of creativity, but it grew into a fantastic learning curve and an introduction to some very inspiring people who’ve taught me a lot. It also represents a precious (and often hard-fought) time of my life when there were two tiny tots in two…. but all of a sudden they aren’t so tiny any more and it’s time for pastures new.

If you bought a kit or a pattern or wrote back to an email, or told me to carry on when I wanted to stop, or took inspiration from something I made, then thank you so much. I’m truly grateful to you.

There won’t be any more projects here for a while, but don’t stop making, don’t stop sewing and don’t stop contributing to the wonderful world around you!

x Martha

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