Free Doll Clothes Pattern To Make a Handmade Custom Doll – Part 2

Today I’m sharing a free doll clothes pattern to make a sweet crown for your own handmade custom doll. This is following on from the previous post which covered the basic doll shape and you can get the basic doll pattern in that post if you haven’t already.

Following on this week I want to share with you the pattern for the crown and skirt. I’ll show you how to make them step by step – and turn your dolly into a wonderful princess!

What you need

  • sewing machine and thread  – or sew by hand in backstitch
  • fabric for skirt, approx. 20″ x 8″ (50cm x 20cm)
  • fabric for crown, approx. 10″ x 3.5″ (25cm x 8cm)
  • rectangle of iron on backing to match fabric size of crown (not skirt)
  • light pencil
  • fabric scissors
  • dressmaking pins
  • free doll clothes pattern – you can download it here and it will land in your inbox straight away (plus you’ll automatically get all my other patterns in the future too)

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WHAT TO DO – Crown 

doll pattern

Step 1

Make sure the fabric you are going to use is ironed, then take your fabric iron-on backer and using a hot steam iron, fix it to the back of your fabric. Download the paper pattern for the crown in the box above and draw around it onto the wrong side of your fabric on the fold. Cut out.

free doll clothes pattern crown

Step 2

Fold over a small edge along the long side of each crown piece and stitch down. Try to make one slightly wider than the other – maybe around 0.10″ (3mm) for one piece and 0.2″ (5mm) for the other.

doll crown pattern 3

Step 3

With right sides together, stitch along the short edge of the crown with approx. 0.4″ (1cm) seam allowance, then trim the excess. Repeat for the other piece.

doll crown pattern 4

Step 4

Lining up top edges of crown pieces, and with right sides together, slot one piece inside of the other and pin in place. Now sew along ridges of the crown, about 0.2″ (5mm) from the edge.

doll crown pattern 5

Step 5

Once sewn, trim the excess. Make sure to cut across the points of the crown and snip into any corners too, just up to the stitch line. This will help the shape to turn out nicely. Turn right side out.

crown pattern 6

Step 6

Now stitch down along bottom edge of crown. Remember the two seams you sewed along those long edges to start with at slightly different depths? These will make a lovely edge now as you sew them together for a neat finish to the crown. Done!

doll clothes pattern




Step 1

Cut out the skirt with one edge along the fold, as shown on the pattern.

Step 2

Fold over a small hem along the top and bottom edges of around 3mm and stitch down.

doll clothes skirt pattern

Step 3

With right sides together, match the edges without a seam and stitch down with 1cm seam allowance. Trim excess. Turn skirt right side out and hey presto, she’s ready to go!

If you’re thinking to make these dolls as Christmas gifts then there’s some lovely Christmas fabric here and here. Please use the pattern to make as many as you like to give away, but…. well…. it took me a little while to put the pattern together so I’m sure you’ll understand if I ask you not to use it to re-sell the dolls you make. Thanks so much – and happy stitching!






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