Embroidery Kits for AW17 – Mermaids, Racoons and A Little Doll

embroidery kits



If you think you’re not creative or you don’t have time to make anything then think again. Let me introduce you to these brand new embroidery kits.

When my boys were tiny I got very lost in a world of sleepless nights and and nappies. The need for a creative escape reached epidemic proportions but there was no head space to do anything about it. It would have been great to find a sweet project with all the materials in one place. A project that I could pick up and put down around wiping noses, naps and hugs.

When I designed and put together these kits that’s what I was thinking about. You and all that hard work you do, especially the stuff no one even sees. It’s time for a break.

That’s why embroidery is the best hobby in the world. You can start and stop it without getting lost in a complicated pattern. It’s not expensive to start or messy or difficult to learn. Plus it’s one of the most satisfying things you’ll find to spend you time on. Don’t believe me….? Try it and see!


Inside each of the embroidery kits you’ll find

  • a handy stitch glossary with instructions and diagrams to show you how to do each one
  • a selection of highest quality DMC embroidery threads in the colours you need, and plenty of each so you’re allowed to not get it perfect the first time
  • a needle just right for the job
  • a pre printed fabric panel with the design already on it
  • an embroidery hoop
  • a stitch guide to show which stitch to put in which place
  • AND an extra bit of fabric so that you can practice any of the stitches that are new to you before you try them or make your finished work into a sweet little doll.


If you need any further help then there are videos on this website with tutorials of some of the stitches or you can just ask me. You don’t need to spend time getting into your creative zone because these are the perfect projects to pick up and put down when you can – oh, and they make pretty good gifts too, especially with that rather large occasion on the horizon that starts with ‘C’!


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