Hand Embroidered Badges With Animal Faces – A Collaboration With Cloudcraft

embroidered animal badges

This sweet hand embroidery project for kids brings some of my favourite things together – embroidered badges, animal faces and popping colour!  I’ve teamed up with lovely online craft and embroidery shop, Cloudcraft. No money changed hands, but Nicole supplied all the materials for this project. I especially love the wool felt which comes in a beautiful array of colours and is so soft to touch.  You can find all the links to all the materials in the post.

hand embroidered badgeshand embroidered badges


embroidery tools


Step 1 – The first step to make these embroidered badges is to download the paper pattern. Stick it to a window where the light will shine through the back. Making sure your square of calico or cotton is ironed and without creases, tape it over the pattern onto the window. Use an air erasable pen or a sharp pencil to trace your design onto fabric.

animal face embroidery patternStep 2 – Using the paper pattern, cut out one of the circle shapes and use it to mark three circles, each one on a different colour of felt. Now place one felt circle behind one of the designs you have traced onto the fabric. Use big running stitches to baste (or lightly sew) it into place and secure. You will take these stitches out later. Repeat using other circles.

felt embroidery badges

Step 3 – Fix your fabric into the hoop. Making sure you have split your thread down to three strands, embroider each of the faces using back stitch*. Fill in eyes and noses with satin stitch.  * you can find tutorials for both satin stitch and back stitch here

hand embroidered badgeStep 4 – Now embroider around the circle edges. I wanted to try out three slightly fancier stitches so I used Portugese border stitch for the bear, Pekinese stitch for the bunny and fly stitch for the cat. I’ll be showing you how to do each of those very soon, but you could also use a plain back stitch too or any other stitch that makes a solid line.

Step 5 – Once the sewing is done, use your small, sharp scissors to carefully cut around the design, taking away the excess cotton. Ta-da! Your badge is taking shape.  You can take out those big basting stitches now too.

animal embroidery badge


Step 6 – Now take your ordinary sewing needle and plain white thread. If you aren’t sure of the differences between needles, check out my post on embroidery tools. Sew your ribbon down by hand as shown in the photo. It takes a little while, but since you can watch your favourite TV programme while you do it, just enjoy!

neon ribbon badge

neon ribbon badge Step 7 (optional) – this last part is optional, but if you want to make totally sure that your ribbon and stitching all stays in place, iron on a circle of fabric backing, very slightly smaller than the felt circle.

Step 8 – Attach your safety pin through the back and use your embroidered badges to spruce up jackets, bags and anything else you fancy!

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