Christmas embroidery design with unicorn and snowflakes

Christmas embroidery designOur little friend Amber was the inspiration for this Christmas embroidery design. That girl sure does love a unicorn. I adore the magic, slow beauty and coolness of snow falling and I also love fashion. It’s these two things, coupled with that little girl’s love for unicorns that inspired this design. In this post I cover the stitches used with a special focus further down on woven wheel stitch.

The whole outline of this Christmas embroidery design is in back stitch. That means the unicorn shape, the stem on the clothes and the ¬†lines of the snowflake too. The diamonds of the snowflake are in satin stitch, as well as the diamond shaped leaves. The crown has three points, made by long tailed chain stitch, and the decorations in the unicorn’s hair are woven wheel stitch. If you’re thinking these stitches are hard, think again – all EASY! I made the belt from several lines of simple back stitch just worked closely to one another.

Christmas embroidery design

Woven Wheel Stitch For A Christmas Embroidery Design

Woven wheel stitch is the circular one in the unicorn’s hair. You start off by making five stitches, all coming from a central point in the middle, like spokes of a wheel. Use any odd number of spokes. Next, push your needle up close to one of the spokes at the middle and start to weave the embroidery thread over and under the spokes. Don’t pick up any of the base fabric, just keep working over and under until all the spokes are full. This stitch makes such a lovely texture and is a really decorative motif.

Christmas embroidery designYou can buy this pattern here in my Etsy shop as a pdf download for instant embroidery gratification. It will make such a lovely project to snuggle up with in the Winter and the finished hoop makes a sweet gift too.


Christmas embroidery design

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