9 Inspiring Embroidery Instagram Feeds You Don’t Know About

embroidery instagram feeds
photo credit: @embroidery_mikeanis on Instagram


Today I’m sharing nine embroidery Instagram feeds you might not know about.

I’m a big fan of the creative little guy. I feel excited when people come out of nowhere and sing as well as Lauren Hill on live TV. I’m inspired by people starting things they’ve never done before. I love the idea of folks working away in spare rooms creating beautiful work that’s never been shared. Or whiling away the time, just making things for their own pleasure.

Today it’s these people I’d like to champion. You may not know about these embroiderers, because I didn’t choose the neatest, most curated, biggest feeds. This is real work and each one is distinctive and beautiful.

I hope all of these might encourage you to make something too. I hope they show you it doesn’t have to be perfect or have the biggest following around to be beautiful and worthwhile and really, really good.

When we make things, I reckon we make the world around us better and richer in our own way.  So here’s some of the best embroidery around on Instagram right now for florals, character and originality.

Best For Florals

  1. @hollyblossomembroidery. With beautiful quotes and perfectly stitched florals, Holly’s delicious candy colour palette give these hoops a romantic feel.hollyblossomembroidery Instagram


2. @felixandflower. These hoops are sumptuous and rich in colour and texture. Just so elegant. I imagine them sitting perfectly in the drawing room of a house on an English country estate.

felix and flower embroidery


3. @demihermana. I love the whimsical, romantic feel of these hoops. I’m normally all about white against raging colour, but this light colour palette feels really fresh. Made in Spain, each hoop is lovingly and painstakingly stitched, making these a wonderful wedding gift.

demihermana embroidery


 Best For Character

4. @rubysewoh. These hoops are right up my alley because they’d be perfect to decorate a kids space. Featuring a colourful party of animals and characters, this work is full of charm. rubysewoh embroidery Instagram


5. @embroidery_mikeanis. I think this embroidery Instagram feed is totally fascinating. Made up of minute stitches to create incredibly detailed portraits of children and animals, this work speaks of a land and life so different and intriguing to my own.



6. @susieloverseed. I’m blown away by the intensity and beauty of Susie’s work. It’s rare to find all the quality of a painting so perfectly translated into this kind of artwork. Scenes of the  British coast with an aura of nostalgia.

susieloverseed embroidery


Best For Originality

7. @sparklymouse. Like a daily illustrated diary, Louise tells the story of her every day using stitch. You’ll spot life lessons amongst a mix of plants, hairy legs and birthday celebrations. Simple – and epic.

sparkly mouse embroidery


8. @jessica_rosestitch. Jessica works incredible mixed media embroidery with a variety of unusual materials. I love the contemporary feel of this with plastic, wool and paper sitting alongside one another. All those different textures feel so refreshing.

jessica_rosestitch embroidery


9. @robynflannigan. Rooted in a simple and graphic style, illustrator Robyn has also turned her hand to embroidery. I love all the work that has gone into this whale. He’s also quite an unusual subject for an embroidery and that just makes him all the lovelier.

whale embroidery by Robyn FlanniganI hope all of these artists show you how diverse embroidery can be. I also hope they inspire you to start and make something. Not all of these guys have been at it for years and neither is everything they do seamless and perfect. What’s clear is that they love it. If you’d like to start a new embroidery project, you could look here or here.

Which embroidery Instagram feeds do you love the most?




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