Easy Embroidery – Back stitch

Hey friends! Next week we’re going to be launching our very first craft kit – a little Easter embroidery project that’s easy …


Last Minute Valentines Monster Card

No, it’s NOT too late to make your own Valentines card! Here’s our free printable template that kids and grown-ups alike will love, complete with monster eyes and teeth.


Personalised Handmade Mermaid Doll

Mermaids, mermaids, mermaids! It seems that lately all my niece and friend’s little girls are talking about is this glamurous underwater lady…So we’ve created just the thing.


A Bear, Obama and a Commitment to 2016

I’m a massive Bear Grylls fan. There, I’ll admit it.

I can’t get enough of how that Scout leader adventures across the globe, eating all manner of strange grubs, swinging through forests and leading celebrities on a voyage of discovery and sweet, free adventure. It’s a unique and unusual gift and used to its full potential as he shares it with others. But what’s your own unique gift? And are you going to be willing to share it in the coming year?