How to do Embroidery – Whip Stitch

Hi folks! Last week I shared our free Summer ice cream embroidery pattern which you can get just here.  Today, here’s a quick video if you’d like to learn whip stitch – it’s one of the embroidery stitches that the ice cream pattern uses and it’s very EASY to do. …


How to do Embroidery – Slip Stitch

I’m not sure why I’m pulling that rather serious face – after all, it’s only sewing! This video is all about slip stitch – in other words, the stitch you need to join two edges of fabric together when you’re hand finishing a seam. In this video, you’ll see me …

PDF visual

Mermaid Doll Pattern is here!

Would you like to make your very own mermaid plush doll for someone little in your life? Here’s a brand new Gidsy …


Last Minute Valentines Monster Card

No, it’s NOT too late to make your own Valentines card! Here’s our free printable template that kids and grown-ups alike will love, complete with monster eyes and teeth.