6 Things I’ve Learnt in Motherhood

I’m going to be truthful here. Being a mum is great and I’m deeply grateful for it, but without a doubt it is, and continues to be, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. So for anyone who’s ever felt out of their depth, fed up, guilty, I understand and I’m not afraid to tell you I’ve been there too. But God works so much through the ups and downs of motherhood, chipping away at us, growing us up in this awesome and challenging task we’ve been given. Here are 6 things I’ve learned along the way that have really helped to make my hard days easier – and I hope they’ll help you too.


How to Get to Your Best Work

If you have a long-term creative goal to pursue, I don’t think in reality that it happens overnight. It might look that way when you look around the internet, but it’s not true and nor should it be. What might it take for us to get to discover our very best creative work?


Sisters in Biz – Art by Lauren Johnston Duncan

What influences a painter? Where do they work? What tools can’t they live without? Today I’m delighted to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at the work of artist Lauren Johnston Duncan to inspire you in your own creative ambitions and to encourage you that we can overcome fear or struggle to make beautiful work. Read on for the full interview!


Summer on Purpose

This year I want to recognise Summer and embrace it. Things will change for a few weeks, but instead of seeing that as a threat, I’m seeing it as a great opportunity. Here’s how…


How to juggle creative projects and young children

I sometimes experience such frustration when I have a creative idea burning me up to get started and yet I am pulled in so many other directions by my children and their needs. But I have found that in actual fact, sharing creativity alongside my children has led to an unleashing of new energy and ideas I would never have otherwise had. Here’s what I’ve learned.