Verse of My Week – Ephesians 3: 20

Why don’t we ask God more? If I need a strategy to deal with a tricky personality, He can help me. If I need a plan to tackle the way my children play and interact with others, I can call on Him because He is just waiting to see me approach the throne of His grace with confidence. And ASK. This is how flowers, sunlight, friends and this Bible verse were a great reminder of the immeasurable power of the Lord this week.


5 things to consider before launching your handmade product

On May 21st Gidsy & Jo will launch two beautiful scripture prints for sale online. Look out for our Instagram giveaway coming up and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive your 10% discount code. Meanwhile, if you are thinking about how to launch a new handmade product, here are five things to think through that might help you to go for it!


Verse of my Week – Isaiah 26: 3

This week two good friends showed me how and why it’s good to rest and how the art of resting seems to be something long forgotten in our crazy culture. But will we dare to rest when there seems so much to do and achieve? And can we even remember what rest is?


What God does with ‘I can’t’

Is God asking you to do something that you feel you can’t? Do you feel ill-equipped and at a loss to know where to start? So did Moses when God asked him to go to Pharaoh and rescue the Israelites. Take a look through the Bible book of Exodus 3 and see what God does with “I can’t”.